March 30, 2021 Craig cline featured in the future of transportation magazine

(From the Florida Business Journals The Future of Transportation issue)

Transportation Innovators recognize the hard work, foresight and problem-solving capabilities of Florida’s logistics and transportation professionals. This article is a part of a series of stories highlighting the industry and how it is recovering from the pandemic with an eye toward growth.  

Inside the employee break room at Jacksonville-based logistics company Corporate Traffic is a framed poster: #WeDeliverTheGoods.

For the last two decades that is what Craig Cline has done. He is the Vice President of Operations for the family-owned firm that experienced its most successful January in company history this year. Corporate Traffic focuses on moving direct to consumer products– many of which witnessed spikes in consumer consumption during the pandemic.

Here is more from Cline:

How did you get into the logistics industry? Our father ran a successful trucking company, and we grew up around the transportation/trucking industry so I guess it was always in our blood to do the same at some point in our life!

Describe what you do in 20 words or less: I oversee our daily operations for our service teams in Jacksonville and Charlotte, ensuring that we exceed customer expectations in all their supply chain needs.

What most excites you about your current position? Every day is different. While the end result is all about the execution, every day presents new challenges. It’s never a dull day in our industry.

Describe what you are currently working on/your organization’s next milestone: Continuing to grow our company organically to more than $100M in revenue in 2022, our company’s 30th anniversary in business.

What has been your biggest challenge achieving that goal? Continuing to find and train new members for our team and staying ahead in an industry that is extremely competitive.

What are some of the biggest hurdles the industry will need to overcome? Driver Shortage, Sustainability/Green Initiatives, and continued improvement in shipment visibility.

Where are some of the bright spots in the industry you see? The enhancements in technology in logistics during the past five years has been incredible. As a company, we have invested heavily in our technology solutions to provide our customers with best-in-class service.

What technological advancement are you most excited to see become available or widely adopted? Advancements in systems to help drive driver safety. While I think 100% autonomous trucks are further away than we think, I think there is some technology coming that will help aid the driver and drive continued improvements in safety.