April 26, 2021 Starting a career in logistics: how our “3 c’s” prepare new employees for success

As you approach our headquarters city of Jacksonville, Florida on I-95 or I-10, two major highways that meet in Jacksonville and run the length of the country both north and west, there is a sign proclaiming the city as “America’s Logistics Center”.  There are many reasons for this title: the above-mentioned Interstate Highway system access, major railways, the port of Jacksonville, and ample distribution center and warehouse space ready for use. In the past few years alone, there has been an explosion of e-commerce companies building out distribution centers in Jacksonville. Growth is expected to continue for years to come locally and nationally.

Considering a career in logistics would be a smart move.  In fact, according to Staffing Industry Analysts, Transportation and Logistics is the fastest growing industry amid slowing job growth, adding 308,066 jobs in 2019, which is 25% higher than IT job growth. This growth has continued in 2020 and early 2021, even with a global pandemic.

So, how can you get your start in Logistics? Starting your logistics career as a Logistics Sales Specialist is a great way to get started in the industry and learn the ins and outs of the supply chain. The good news is this position does not require a specific degree. In fact, we often hire college graduates with no work experience. Candidate requirements include self-motivated, financially driven individuals with a great work ethic and attention to detail.

At Corporate Traffic, we are proud of the training program we have developed for new hires and we have seen so many individuals move into leadership positions within a short period of time. Here are just a few of the reasons why starting a career at Corporate Traffic Logistics is a great move. We call them the 3 C’s: Coaching, Compensation and Culture.  


Training in the logistics industry is very important. In addition to the quality of the training, it is also crucial to provide ample time to learn and grow on the job. Our operations training program begins with a discussion on terminology and industry standards and provides several weeks of mentorship and shadowing. Upon completion of operations training, sales training begins with extensive hands-on situational training and ongoing education.  Certification is a key milestone as our new team members are eager to hit the floor and earn sales incentives!

An investment on the front end with training is very important at Corporate Traffic. While many companies may do brief one-week training courses and hand out a manual, we understand that getting employees comfortable in operations first will enable them to be more comfortable and ultimately successful in their first logistics job opportunity.  In addition, all associates that are cross trained in operations and sales are more equipped to serve as a singular point of contact on all transactions. This is a feature that our customers love.


Initial starting salaries for Logistics Sales Specialists are only part of the compensation picture. Sure, the opportunity of uncapped incentives and bonuses certainly entices new hires but having a compensation program that provides a competitive working salary, great benefits from day one, and ample ramp up time to achieve success is a critical part of the equation.

At Corporate Traffic, we provide target earnings expectations based on the success rate of many of our current associates. These total compensation targets factor in bonuses for hitting certain milestones and a chance to earn up to $1,000 for each new account qualified through our popular ‘wheel spin’ program. Collectively, first year target compensation is $50,000+, moving up to $100,000+ in year three.


It seems 3PLs invented casual day at the office. Corporate Traffic is no different. Casual attire is the norm but so are ping pong games, bocce, and company sponsored softball games and obstacle races.  Our employees are also big fans of free food from company milestone and recognition lunches as well as the casual ‘Beer Drop Fridays’, where we relax with a cold one after a challenging week!

When we opened our new 25,000 square foot corporate office in 2018, we wanted to foster an environment for collaboration and fun. When employees gather during the day for fun competition and after work for group activities, you know you have achieved some success in creating a great workplace for employees to work hard and play hard. In fact, we have been recognized by The Jacksonville Business JournalThe Florida Times Union and Florida Trend Magazine as a “Best Place to Work” in the past two years. We think we have a great culture, but it feels different when others say it too!

These “3 C’s” form the foundation for an amazing career in logistics. You can argue that there is a fourth “C” to add to the mix – Collaboration. In the past year during the Covid-19 pandemic, we were on the front line of the supply chain, helping our customers get critical product across the country. Whether it was toilet paper or peanut butter or medical supplies such as ventilators, our team collaborated around the clock with suppliers to ensure that we got the job done and kept the supply chain moving along.  This situation plays out each year during hurricane season and other natural disasters but 2020 was certainly on a different scale. The positive feeling our employees receive when they know they helped someone in need is often unmatched.

Classes are filling up for our May and June training classes. To learn more about the opportunities at Corporate Traffic Logistics, visit Work4CT.com or email us at work4CT@corporatetraffic.com.